Enrique Saez, PhD.

Professor at Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, California . 2003

Graduate Training at Harvard Medical School.

Postdoctoral training at Howard Hughes Medical Institute at The Salk Biological Institute.


Enrique’s team focuses on:

Genetic regulators of metabolic disorders.

The Saez lab focuses on the molecular mechanisms of metabolic disorders like atherosclerosis and diabetes by understanding how genetic regulators of  glucose and pathogenic forms of cholesterol work. Their hope is to uncover ways of slowing the genesis of cardiovascular disease in diabetic patients.



Thanks to Dr. Enrique Saez for joining us today to talk about his journey to lead a team of dedicated scientists to unraveling the mysteries behind metabolic related diseases.

Today's show we ask Enrique some of the following questions that has helped him to lead such an amazingly successful research lab:

  • Why go into industry?

  • What are the pros and cons of industry and academia?

  • Why go back to academia?

  • What strategy do you use to find an academic position after industry?

  • What business skills did you learn and how has it helped your science?

  • Where do you find the right team?


  • Transitioning back to academia is possible, if you maintain your network through publications and collaborations.

  • The ability to communicate across disciplines is an advantage in both business and academia.

  • As an industry lab grows, more systems and processes develop versus a startup or an academic lab.

  • Publications matter more in academia than in industry.

Bridging different disciplines is where the some of the more interesting work gets done.
— Enrique Saez

Next show we’ll go deeper into the skills that has enabled him to be successful and what he’s done to manage a great research team.

If you’d like to know more about Enrique Saez and his research, please go check out our show notes and you’ll see a link to all of his great published material and laboratory information at

Thanks again, Enrique. Tune in next time to hear the continuation of his journey.

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