Willis Read-Button

Director of Operations at Genometry, Inc.

Undergraduate Training at Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut

Research training at Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA.

Willis Read-Button's the Director of Operations (Chief Operating Officer) at Genometry. Their work introduces cutting edge a platform technology for gene expression analysis to help companies and research groups identify targeted therapies. They’ve developed a way of processing big expression data faster and cheaper than previous methods.

LINK TO Genometry, Inc

Thanks to Willis Read-Button for joining us today to talk about his entrepreneurial journey by lead a team to build the brick & mortar aspects of a biotech company.

Today's show we ask Willis some of the following questions that has helped him to lead the charge for building the operational side and what it takes to make the vision come true:

  • How he leverages investors and their experience to create operational connections.

  • How uses business plans as a guide and not as an exact plan. There’s unpredictability that’s built in.  

  • Where and how him and his team seeked out business advice

  • How do scientists without business experience compensate with the lack of experience

  • How to manage all of the multiple hats of a start up.

  • How to teach, train and recruit personnel.

  • How to manage people and emotions.

  • How do you define measurable metrics for employee success.

  • How to use systems to free up higher power thought processes.     

  • How do you define a start up company?


  • Choosing investor background experience is just as important as their financial backing.

  • Defining goals is important in being able to measure productivity.

  • Systems help to focus intellectual efforts.  

  • Build flexibility in business plans.  They serve more as an outline.

Define what done means…& this is the way we work.
— Willis Read-Button

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